Drive Electric Florida supports the acceleration and adoption of plug-in electric vehicles in Florida by engaging and educating the public, businesses, and policy-makers; facilitating collaboration; and supporting EV-friendly policy and programs.

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Cumulative EV Sales as of December 2023
Direct Current Fast Charging Ports
Level 2 Ports in FL as of December 2023

We want to see 35% of all vehicles registered on Florida roads electric by 2040.

This is based on the “Aggressive” scenario identified by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in the Electric Vehicle Master Plan published in July 2021.


Our Priorities


Encourage incentive and policy development in Florida that promotes electric vehicle adoption and/or removes barriers to adoption.


Educate key stakeholders about plug-in vehicle priorities.


Maintain a well-running and fluid stakeholder group that best represents membership priorities and fosters collaboration.


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