Apartments rarely come with access to charging stations. But electric vehicles need them

Kaitlin Reed Uncategorized

New federal data show that homeowners are more than three times more likely than renters to own an EV. And since 43 million U.S. households – 37 percent of all households – rent their homes, it is worth thinking hard about why this gap exists. The reason for this stems from the question: Should EV infrastructure be a responsibility of the tenant or landlord?

Many tenants do not want to spend money investing in a property that they do not own and may not be at forever, while many landlords feel that EV charging is not a necessity for the property.

“The Conversation” explains EV challenges like this that come with renting, and go through some possible solutions. For example, in California, the most EV friendly state, policymakers are investing heavily in charging stations for areas that have a high volume of renters. In this case, more renters will have access to charging stations without the burden falling upon them or the landlord of the property. Follow the link below to learn more.

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