Fleet Success Stories: Miller Electric

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Miller Electric was founded in 1928 as a small Jacksonville electrical contracting company that today is a national company licensed in nearly all 50 states. With over 1,900 employees, Miller Electric provides a diversified range of services to a vast number of markets. As businesses increasingly transition to clean vehicle solutions, Miller Electric has positioned itself to help their clients supercharge their infrastructure and offer sustainable solutions that power their customers, fleets, and more. They created Miller EV Solutions, a team dedicated to expanding and growing EV infrastructure solutions for their clients. Miller EV Solutions is not simply a division of Miller Electric Company, but a cross-functional team of professionals that combines decades of knowledge and experience in critical infrastructure. As the EV industry continues to grow, they bring more than 95 years of experience to provide turnkey solutions to help get their clients electrified faster.

Discovery: Their expert team analyzes the types of vehicles that will use the stations, their charge windows, current infrastructure and route analytics if necessary.
Engineer: Their in-house engineers design a preliminary site layout and plan that allows for reliability, safety and scalability.

Supply: Miller Electric is brand-agnostic, well rounded and able to access solutions that provide a range of dynamic benefits and energy efficiency.

Install: Their certified electricians handle installation, which means clients receive Miller quality, Miller safety, and Miller expertise at every step.
Manage: They work closely with the manufacturers by using advanced analytics and real-time, offsite monitoring to provide preventative maintenance, excellent uptime and reduced product failure.
Miller EV Solutions own vehicle fleet is fully electric, with ten Ford E-Transit vans and five Ford F-150 Lightning pickup trucks. Their website offers an array of resources to others considering fleet electrification, including a free, on-demand webinar “Exploring Fleet Electrification.” The webinar allows the viewer to delve into the world of electric vehicles, with topics discussing sustainability, charger selection, load management, and how vehicle electrification can reshape their business. Additional resources can be found covering the challenges and solutions for multi-unit dwelling charging to EV infrastructure preparation for hurricane season. As they lead by example with their own fleet of EVs, Miller Electric EV Solutions hopes to educate other fleets with their “Electric Vehicle Innovative Design Center (EVIDC),” which opened on November 17, 2023 at their Jacksonville headquarters. The center will house many different makes and models of EV chargers for all to see, experience and test in real time. This innovative design center demonstrates Miller’s focused commitment to energy and sustainability.

Outputs and Outcomes

The EVIDC is the first of its kind in the US. The innovative site will provide a much needed solution to an overwhelming amount of technology and deployment options in the EV infrastructure market. The design center will foster understanding, experiential learning and hands-on engagement. It will also serve as a community charging lab, where Miller will collect data, learn from user engagement and improve the EV market as a whole. It will cultivate collaboration among EVIDC partners, industry leaders, community stakeholders and EV users to gain insights for improvement on new technologies and user experience. The design center will also drive decarbonization efforts in the region. It is equipped with solar panels with battery backup and microgrid solutions to manage energy needs as they change. Decarbonization is a crucial aspect of the EVIDC’s mission, focusing on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and promoting the use of low carbon power sources. By achieving a lower output of greenhouse gases, the EVIDC contributes significantly to the decarbonization goals of Jacksonville and the state of Florida.

The center is a public facility designed to provide an immersive experience for EV users. With a wide array of level 2 chargers and level 3 DC fast chargers from various manufacturers, the center allows visitors to explore and experience different charging solutions firsthand. Additionally, the center features four pull-through charging stations specifically designed for buses and heavy-duty vehicles, catering to the diverse needs of commercial consumers. The project is the result of collaboration of multiple partners. Miller Electric Company is the project founder and CBRE is their leading partner, joined by Schneider Electric, Graybar Electric, and WB Engineers and Consultants.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

“The shift towards clean energy solutions and the increasing adoption of EVs by consumers and businesses present an immense opportunity for us to … become leaders and innovators in the EV charging infrastructure market. We will embrace this opportunity with enthusiasm and determination, knowing that we have the expertise, passion, and vision to drive innovation and make a lasting impact,” said Miller Electric CEO Henry Brown at the EVDIC grand opening.

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Kerri Stewart, Chief Strategy Officer at Miller Electric Company and President, Miller EV Solutions, for her contributions to this story.