Drive Electric Florida (DEFL) is seeking an Executive Director to work in coordination with the DEFL Board of Directors and Membership.

Title: Executive Director
Position Type: Independent Contractor (Annual Contract)
Reports to: Drive Electric Florida Board of Directors
Location: Florida
Hours: Full time
Starting Salary: $90,000 to $110,000 annually (Dependent on experience)


Drive Electric Florida (DEFL) is a nonprofit organization that works to accelerate Florida’s transition to electric transportation and infrastructure by facilitating collaboration among stakeholders. Our work includes policy development that promotes increased EV adoption and infrastructure development, expanding the availability and access to charging infrastructure throughout major corridors and workplaces across Florida, increasing EV adoption through education and outreach initiatives, and expanding electric transportation workforce training.

The Executive Director (ED) is a newly created position for DEFL and will serve as an independent contractor, serving at the pleasure of the DEFL Board of Directors (Board).


The Executive Director (ED) will work to effectively manage implementation of DEFL’s strategic plan and projects, in coordination with the DEFL Board. The ED will be responsible for the management of all phases of program planning and execution of the organization’s initiatives in Florida, including but not limited to electric vehicle charging infrastructure initiatives, outreach and education initiatives and events, and policy development and advocacy. The ED will be responsible for representing DEFL’s Board and membership to external stakeholders. The ED will also coordinate the organization’s legislative and regulatory strategy, and the organization’s growth strategy and development.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Programmatic Planning - Work with DEFL members and Board to implement plans and programs to promote electric transportation through:
    • Social Media Presence
    • Outreach and education programs, including webinars, conference participation as speaker and/or sponsor, programs to promote equity across demographic groups, and participation at local EV sponsored events.
  • Legislative – Facilitate DEFL’s representation at legislative and regulatory meetings, workshops, etc.
    • Coordinate response to relevant policy development and advocacy opportunities to advance electric transportation in Florida.
    • Support DEFL’s cultivation of legislative connections that align with DEFL goals.
  • Board Meetings - Lead the planning, scheduling and execution of Board meetings.
  • Strategic Planning - Coordinate effort to implement and update the DEFL Strategic Plan with the leadership of the board of directors
  • Membership
    • Expand and retain membership
    • Maintain annual due processes in coordination with the DEFL Treasurer (invoicing, collection and accounting)
    • Provide regular membership communications
    • Coordinate regular membership engagement opportunities
  • External Funding - Cultivate and pursue new sources of funding from grants or other external funds relevant to mission of DEFL
  • Other
    • Maintain DEFL’s position as a leader in transportation electrification in Florida.
    • Maintain knowledge of current industry trends and best practices to identify emerging opportunities and needs.
    • Develop and refine new project ideas in coordination with Board to advance DEFL’s mission.
    • Draft proposals and pitch project ideas to potential funders.
    • Maintain strong relationships, open communications, and regular reporting with members and external stakeholders.



  • A passion for DEFL’s mission and values
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects
  • Bachelor’s degree and at least five to seven years of experience in transportation, energy, or related field, including one to three years of electric vehicle transportation experience
  • Demonstrated strength in project and program management
  • Demonstrated fundraising and development experience
  • Excellent cross-cultural communications skills, both written and verbal
  • Strong writing, critical thinking, communication and public speaking skills
  • Strong digital communications skills
  • Demonstrated success organizing events
  • Experience organizing and collaborating with diverse groups of people
  • Experience working with decision-makers
  • Experience working in a non-profit with a mission-driven staff and board
  • Well-organized and have the ability to work both independently and as a team player
  • Willingness and ability to travel; valid driver’s license


Compensation will be an amount agreed to by DEFL and the contractor commensurate with experience and agreed upon responsibilities.


To ensure full consideration, please apply by December 6, 2019 by submitting your resume and cover letter to Drive Electric Florida via email at Open until filled.