DRIVE Electric USA

The Project & Team

In early 2020, Florida partnered with 13 Clean Cities Coalitions around the country to accelerate adoption of electric vehicles (EV) and was awarded funding from the US Department of Energy to develop DRIVE Electric USA, building successful state level EV stakeholder organizations.


The FSEC Energy Research Center is leading the effort in Florida in partnership with Drive Electric Florida and the state’s four Clean Cities Coalitions. Building upon the success of Drive Electric Florida, we will educate consumers, fleet directors, automobile dealerships, utilities, regulators, and government officials about EVs and EV infrastructure.


Drive Electric Florida is a not for profit organization of stakeholders including EV infrastructure providers, utilities, local government, universities, Clean Cities coalitions, environmentalists, and EV enthusiasts. Formed in 2015, the Vision of Drive Electric Florida is to advance the energy, economic and environmental security of the state of Florida by promoting the growth of electric vehicles and infrastructure across all transportation sectors. Our mission is to support and accelerate the adoption of PEVs in Florida by engaging and educating the public, businesses and policy-makers; facilitating collaboration, and supporting PEV friendly policies and programs.

DRIVE Electric Resources

Consumer Education
Community Engagement
EV Dealership Education
Vehicle Fleet Outreach