Why Drive Electric

Cost Efficiency

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Owning an electric vehicle will save the typical driver $10,000 in fuel and maintenance over the life of the vehicle, compared to owning a comparable gas-powered vehicle.

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Lower Fuel Costs

Electric vehicles are far more economical to fuel than gas vehicles. On average, EVs cost 60% less to fuel than gas-powered vehicles. Find out how much you can save by switching to electric using the fuel saving calculator below:

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Superior Fuel Economy MPGe

EVs can get 100+ miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent. This means the electrical equivalent of one gallon of gas (33.7 kilowatt-hours) will take you 75 miles farther than a gallon of gas.

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Electric vehicles cost significantly less to fuel than gas-powered vehicles. If you're considering making a switch, check out this calculator that will help you determine how much you could be saving at the pump:

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The impact of electric vehicle ownership goes beyond the wallet. In addition to greater cost efficiencies, EVs produce lower levels of both tailpipe and upstream emissions. 

EVs have significantly lower total life emissions than a comparable internal combustion engine vehicle. Studies agree that electric vehicles save between 50 to 70 percent CO2 equivalents and that the time needed to recoup the additional emissions caused by battery production is one to two years.

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Fully electric vehicles do not produces tailpipe emissions (greenhouse gas emissions produced while driving), since gasoline is not being used to power the car. The upstream emissions produced by EVs, emissions associated with the production and distribution of gasoline and electricity, are significantly lower than gas vehicles.

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Convenience & Driving Experience

Instant Torque

Electric vehicles have a single-speed transmission where the electric motor delivers instant power and explosive acceleration.

More Responsive

Because electric vehicles have a lower center of gravity, they boast more dynamic handling and responsiveness.

Low Noise

Because of their electric motor, electric vehicles do not produce the loud noise emissions of engine combustion.

No Oil Changes

Because, electric motors don't require oil, there is no need for oil changes or other services associated with gas vehicles.

Home Charging

Cheaper, more convenient charging from home that can happen overnight - like your cell phone - means no more trips to the gas station.