Our Story

Our Collective Drive Story: Roots and Routes

Welcome to Drive Electric Florida – a not-for-profit organization founded in 2015, uniting stakeholders committed to driving positive change in Florida's transportation landscape. Our diverse coalition includes EV infrastructure providers, utilities, local government representatives, universities, Clean Cities coalitions, environmentalists, and EV enthusiasts. Together, we form a vibrant community dedicated to advancing the energy, economic, and environmental security of Florida through the promotion of electric vehicles (EVs) and infrastructure.

Roadmap to Change

From our founding roots, Drive Electric Florida has been a driving force in the transition to sustainable transportation. Our journey began with a shared vision among forward-thinking individuals who recognized the urgent need for cleaner, greener alternatives. Fueled by a passion for environmental stewardship, we have evolved into a hub for cutting-edge information, technology, and ideas related to electric mobility.

Drive Electric Florida Logo

Our Mission

At the core of our mission is a commitment to supporting and accelerating the adoption of Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PEVs) across Florida. We engage and educate the public, businesses, and policy-makers, fostering collaboration and supporting the development of PEV-friendly policies and programs. Drive Electric Florida believes in the transformative power of collective action, and through our initiatives, we are making sustainable transportation accessible and seamless for all.

Our Vision

Our vision extends beyond individual vehicles to the broader landscape of transportation. We aim to advance the energy, economic, and environmental security of Florida by promoting the growth of electric vehicles and infrastructure across all sectors. By embracing a comprehensive approach, we envision a future where electric mobility plays a central role in enhancing the overall well-being and sustainability of the state.

Community Engagement

Drive Electric Florida is not just an organization; it is a community of diverse stakeholders actively shaping the narrative of sustainable transportation. Through events, workshops, and outreach programs, we inspire individuals to join the electric revolution. Together, we are creating a network that drives change at both the local and state levels.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on our past achievements, we are excited about the road ahead. Drive Electric Florida is committed to continuously evolving, adapting to new challenges, and expanding our reach. Together, we are not just driving vehicles; we are driving change. Welcome to our story – the story of a greener, more sustainable Florida. Join us in shaping the narrative of Drive Electric Florida, where passion meets purpose, and the road to sustainability is paved by the collective efforts of our vibrant community.

If you have questions or would like to delve deeper into Drive Electric Florida, we encourage you to further explore our website or reach out to the DEFL Office [email protected] for more information. We are here to assist you on your journey towards a sustainable and electric future.